Baldwinsville CSD 2023-24 Capital Outlay Project - General Construction

King & King Project Number: 23-44-8020


Bidding Closed

Bid Date9/12/23 10:00am

Company & Contacts

King + King Architects
Tammy Seward  


Baldwinsville, NY

Bidding/Contract Documents may be obtained at Plan & Print Systems, 6160 Eastern Ave, Syracuse, NY 13211 (telephone: 315-437-5111; fax: 315-463-1510) upon receipt of a $75 deposit per set. Deposit checks for Bidding/Contract Documents shall be made payable to Baldwinsville Central School District. Cash will not be accepted as a deposit. Prospective Bidders will be issued a maximum of four sets each. Subcontractors, material suppliers, etc., will be issued a maximum of two sets each.

Bidding/Contract documents will be delivered via UPS Ground service upon request and receipt of an additional non-refundable delivery and handling charge of $25 per set, payable by separate check to Plan and Print Systems, Inc. All requests for delivery to locations outside of upstate New York will incur an additional shipping charge based on the metering increase for those locations.

Any sets required in excess of the above-mentioned maximums are to be obtained directly by interested parties at the full cost of printing directly from Plan & Print Systems.

Only complete sets will be issued.

At the time the order is placed, plan holder shall advise Plan & Print of status as to prime bidder, subcontractor, or material supplier and to trade affiliation. Postal address, telephone number, and fax number will also be required. An e-mail address is requested but not required.