Westhill CSD ES Roof Renovations Project

Ashley McGraw Project # 22018.01


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date3/8/23 3:30pm

Bid Date3/21/23 3:30pm

Company & Contacts

Ashley McGraw Architects, D.P.C.
Dan Donovan  


Syracuse, NY

Drawings, Specifications, and Bid Form(s) (Contract Documents) may be obtained at the Plan Holder, Plan and Print Systems, 6160 Eastern Ave, Syracuse, NY 13211 (315) 437-5111 as follows:

1. Electronic Format:

n an effort to be environmentally and fiscally conscious of paper use and consumption documents will be available as digital sets. The Contract Documents may be downloaded from the Plan & Print website for a non-refundable cost of $25.00. After purchasing the files prospective Bidders may obtain paper copy prints of the documents, full set or partial set, at their own cost from Plan & Print Systems or by taking the disk to a printer of their choosing.

Documents may also be viewed free of charge at the Plan Holder’s website.