Westhill CSD ES Roof Renovations Project

Ashley McGraw Project # 22018.01


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date3/8/23 3:30pm

Bid Date3/21/23 3:30pm

Company & Contacts

Ashley McGraw Architects, D.P.C.

Dan Donovan   315-425-1814


Syracuse, NY

Drawings, Specifications, and Bid Form(s) (Contract Documents) may be obtained at the Plan Holder, Plan and Print Systems, 6160 Eastern Ave, Syracuse, NY 13211 (315) 437-5111 as follows:

1. Electronic Format:

n an effort to be environmentally and fiscally conscious of paper use and consumption documents will be available as digital sets. The Contract Documents may be downloaded from the Plan & Print website for a non-refundable cost of $25.00. After purchasing the files prospective Bidders may obtain paper copy prints of the documents, full set or partial set, at their own cost from Plan & Print Systems or by taking the disk to a printer of their choosing.

Documents may also be viewed free of charge at the Plan Holder’s website.